Mobile Application Development

Hues Hub App allows you to convert your best photos into modern, premium photo books & albums. This application can be used to make thoughtful gifts for your friends, family, parents and colleagues. After all, we all know that prints are a much better way to enjoy treasured memories. It is also perfect to create keepsakes that will preserve your memories for years to come. Hues Hub App allows you to easily create book or album using photos from your phone gallery. Once you select the photos, to save you time and get you started faster, a book is created automatically by the app. You can then customize your photo book and album as per your need. You can also edit, zoom and crop photos. The app also allows you to select from different cover options and customize them as per your liking by arranging photos and adding title. Real-time preview of the book & album, shows you clearly how the book will look like after printing.